About Velocis Advisors

Velocis Advisors provides asset management and advisory services to third-party owners. With a client-focused, fiduciary mindset, the Velocis Advisors team manages assets in a responsible and trustworthy manner while delivering superior performance results.

The Velocis Advisors team members have deep experience in portfolio analysis, asset management, reporting, financing and lease-related issues for real estate assets of virtually any property type. We are staffed to accommodate each client’s specific needs and can provide services ranging from full property management to oversight of third party market-specific teams.

Regardless of the project, Velocis Advisors approaches each project with a client-first mentality. At the outset of a portfolio assignment, each client is assigned a team leader responsible for overseeing the performance of the portfolio with no conflicts of interest. Prior to getting started, the team leader meets with the client to establish common goals for their portfolio, working carefully with each client to understand their specific portfolio goals, reporting needs and individual expectations. These goals and results are reviewed annually with the client to adjust for any changes in the client’s needs or in the market. This ensures that client goals are and remain the top priority.